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The Sky's The Limit

Healthcare staffing is difficult. MMR is here to help with smart staffing solutions. MMR is where the best find the best. We pride ourselves in offering respected employers exceptional healthcare practitioners. 

Both employers and practitioners know we will place them with the right match. Competetive practitioners and competetive compensation are at our core. 

Reach out to us at 810-623-6362 or to learn more and get started! 

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays

Our Platform 


MD and DO 

Our relationships with healthcare organizations allows us to find the best position with competetive compensation for your area of practice. Currently, internal medicine physicians interested in telemedicine are in high demand. 

Nurse Taking Notes

NP and PA-C

NPs and PAs are in high demand. We can find positions with ease that offer a robust environment for professional growth coupled with competitive compensation.  

Hospital Corridor

Physician Groups, Hospitals, individual Practices, and more

Finding talent is difficult! Your reputation is on the line. On-boarding is expensive. You need the best care for your patients. We help healthcare employers find the right staff to serve the patient and organization with passion. We pride ourselves in that the professionals we facilitate careers for have high success rates.  Let's discuss how we can bring the right people into your organization! 

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